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Anatomy & Regenerative Biology

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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Aggarwal A, Kumar S, & Kumar R.. (2012). Therapeutic management of the hallux rigidus. Rehabil Res Pract., , 479046 (Retraction published 2014, Rehabil Res Pract, p.130543).

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Clinical Research & Leadership

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Goldman, E.F.. (2012). Strategic thinking: Requirements, development, and assessment. In H.M.K. Wolters, A. Grome & R. Hinds (Eds.), Enhancing the Army's Strategic Thinking Capability: Insights to Assess, Develop, and Retain Strategic Thinkers. (pp.33-56) Arlington, VA: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences.

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Emergency Medicine

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Environmental & Occupational Health

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Epidemiology & Biostatistics

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Exercise Science

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Global Health

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Health Policy

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Health Services Management & Leadership

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Himmelfarb Library

is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Integrative Systems Biology

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine

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Neurological Surgery

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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Pharmacology & Physiology

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Physical Therapy & Health Care Sciences

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Physician Assistant Studies

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Prevention & Community Health

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Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

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School of Nursing

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is a book; is a book chapter; is an edited book; is a journal article; is an online report; is a series book

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